Arts Week

Sat 25 May – Sat 1 June

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Flushing Arts Week was originally developed in 2005 by Jenny Tim and Atkinson as a one off event that used the arts, as a tool, to engage all factions of the community in a common activity, thereby strengthening the community spirit and forging bonds and ambitions. It was also to support the vast array of local artistic talent within the local community.

It was so successful that it has continued to run annually ever since on a more or less self-funding basis, supported by a number of sponsors. Each year, we have tried to bring in something new to expose people in a safe and accessible environment to different arts forms with which they would not normally engage.

In 2013 Flushing Arts Week broadened out to become Flushing Arts offering opportunities for the local community to engage in as broad a range of the Arts as possible at different times of year, for example classical music and a Christmas lantern making workshop and parade.

Our Arts Week programme, delivered during the Spring Bank holiday Half Term Week each year, has become so popular that local families keep the week free to take part, and other families book their summer holidays specifically to take part in as many of the events as they can.

It is a not-for-profit organisation but any surplus is put back into the village to support other community facilities and events.