Grace Johnson


Grace Johnson

Grace Johnson - imageMy canvasses are all painted since 2015 however much of my poetry, photography and art I did last century!


My love of photography began in a tiny darkroom in the chemistry lab at School where the excitement of seeing a picture emerge from a piece of paper in a shallow dish drew my interest. Compositions with glistening and shimmering reflections, dramatic shadows within light revealed how beautiful painting with light could be, inspiring the direction of my photography. This also inspires my poetry.


Born in Yorkshire, England, did a BA honours degree in photography in the 1980s before digital existed. Over the years, when visiting places, I especially love plays of light on landscapes and dramatic scenes.


One of the first drawings I did building up an image using dots was the colour dot drawing “Weeping willows by the river Thames” in Staines, drawn in a variety of colours using dots in June 2015 in a drawing pad sized just over 5 inches by 3 inches and I photographed each stage. I first drew a picture made up of dots at school, but had never seen anyone else do it over the years so thought I would try something different, which also gave me the freedom of including the finest details.


The first actual mini canvas I painted making it up with dots was of Windsor Castle whilst sat on the grass on the long walk.


As I live in Cornwall I naturally have used Falmouth, St Ives, Perranporth, Flushing and Kennal Vale, as subjects, but have also painted a variety of classic cars and am extending to many other subject matter, as there is so much choice.


Please look at my website  I attend regular craft fairs in parts of Cornwall, please see my website for updates. I am exhibiting my art in Flushing in May.


Favourite materials

Canvas, photography, poetry, pen and ink, fine liner pen, pastels, charcoal and chalk