Hildegard Hellinger

Hildegard HellingerHildegard Hellinger - Chapel Porth

Discovering Cornwall in an artistic way is inspiring and daunting at the same time. The same views have been painted over and over again but never lose their appeal or get boring.  Or do they?

 It is the artist’s challenge to engage the viewer into a dialogue with the painting.

I wanted to capture what I saw and felt on those days out sketching or taking photos: the simplicity or variety of forms, the abundance of colours or their lack of, the roughness or softness of texture in nature itself. My choices of medium, using oil, acrylic, pastels and watercolour often combined with mixed media are important to me as they enhance my emotional connection with my paintings. 

My academic background and my diploma in Art and Design Foundation helped me

to explore art, to experiment unrestrictedly, and to develop my approach to painting. 

But most importantly, painting gives me great pleasure as a continuous learning process for myself and as a way to share with the viewer.