Mark Lace

Mark LaceMark Lace 3

Fused Glass Artist

Based in Falmouth, Mark is largely a self-taught Fused Glass Artist, although he studied glass in Falmouth two years ago. At that time he explored the use of lanterns with fused glass inserts, so it’s been a joy for him to rediscover his artistic side since high school in Dubai.

Most recently he has started more ambitious projects like -Ty Mor. The fused glass ocean slab which was made from up to a hundred intricately cut slivers of recycled glass.

MarkMark Lace 1 is completely captivated by the Sea and absorbed by its power, whilst being totally mesmerised by the tranquillity some days later, this is what inspires him in his glass pieces.

Whether just for his own enjoyment or for private commission, he loves to use his glass pieces to creatively capture a likeness whilst telling a story; the end result should be an accurate observation.MArk Lace 2

From time to time, he varies his subject matter with Cornish landscape lanterns, fused glass boats and glass slabs.  Fused Glass will always remain his true obsession.

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